Zanmari Baré - Voun


Artist : Zanmari Baré
Title : Voun
Catalogue Number : 260301

Barcode: 3341342603014
Release date : 04/05/2018
Label : Buda Musique
Format: 12" LP

A perfect roots music landscape” (fRoots)

"Zanmari Baré’s seductive voice and poignant lyrics create a tender and melancholy Maloya" (Le Monde)

"A minimal sound which gets inside your head and won’t let go” (Télérama)

Widely revered in his homeland of Réunion in the Indian Ocean but little known beyond its borders, Zanmari Baré is at the forefront of the renaissance in Maloya music.
Following in the footsteps of (and frequently collaborating with) Danyèl Waro, Zanmari Baré boils down the 6/8 rhythms of Maloya to their essence: subdued percussion, plaintive vocals, Kayanm (shaker & principal instrument of Maloya) and the “bobre” - a musical arc similar to the Brazilian berimbau.

Zanmari’s lyrics deal with the identity and history of Réunion, telling stories from the parts of the island away from the tourists and the beaches - stories from the villages surrounded by dense forest, in the crater of the dormant volcano that makes up the island.
Recorded in 2017, Voun (a reference to the humus of the forest floor) has been specially mastered for vinyl by Frank Merritt at the Carvery studios.


A1: Déor in Paradi (2:42)

A2: Monmon bib (8:06)

A3: In sor (4:21)

B1: Mwin Gaby (4:37)

B2: Lo vyé bob (6:05)

B3: Voun (8:56)