BCUC - The Healing

Artist : BCUC
Title : The Healing
Catalogue Number : 260314

Vinyl UPC: 3341342603144
CD UPC: 3341348603513
Release date : 17/05/2019
Label : Buda
Format: 12" LP

3rd album from Soweto sensations BCUC (aka Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness) with guest appearances from Afrobeat king Femi Kuti and renowned spoken word artist Saul Williams.

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Nakara Percussions

Artist : Nakara Percussions
Title : Nakara Percussions
Catalogue Number : KOS001

Barcode: 3760281256011
Release date : 08/02/2019
Label : KOMOS
Format: 12" LP

“Hypnotic percussion tracks and organic soundscapes drawing on Africa, Asian, Indian & South American traditions, recorded deep in the French countryside in 1984.”

First-time reissue of a cult French private press rarity at the intersection of jazz, percussion and experimental sounds.

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The New Tutankhamen - I Wish You Were Mine

Artist : The New Tutankhamen
Title : I Wish You Were Mine
Catalogue Number : NNR008
Release date : 08/02/2019
Label : Nyami Nyami
Format: 12" LP

Nyami Nyami Records present a lost piece of Zimbabwean musical history: the only album from local legends the New Tutankhamen, combining Jazz, Soul, Folk and Township rhythms - available for the first time in over 40 years.

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Cheikh Tidiane Fall, Bobby Few & Jo Maka - Diom Futa

Artist : Cheikh Tidiane Fall, Bobby Few & Jo Maka
Title : Diom Futa
Catalogue Number : KOS002

Barcode: 3760281256028
Release date : 28/09/2018
Label : KOMOS
Format: 12" LP

Seminal and much sought after Afro Jazz session recorded in Paris in 1979 featuring Senegalese percussionist Cheikh Tidiane, produced by Jean-Paul Rodrigue for his cult Freelance label. 

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Bulawayo Harare EP

Artist : Bulawayo Kwela, Esa, Danalogue
Title : Bulawayo Harare EP
Catalogue Number : NNR009

Release date: 04/06
Label : Nyami Nyami
Format: 12" EP

4 track EP featuring originals and remixes from ESA and Danalogue (the Comet is Coming).

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